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The merits supported by the “MADE IN GERMANY” tradition are more than 68 years old!
A company with the INVERMA tradition, thriving in the second generation, is located near Hamburg. She is known worldwide and occupies a leading place in the international rankings, thanks to branded intimate products.
The assortment is extensive: from water-based or silicone-based lubricants (aloe vera gel in Gleit-Gel with aloe vera or moisturizing come in Glide-Oil silicone), an excellent care for intimate cosmetics for men and women, to seductive wellness - and massage products.
All INVERMA products are manufactured and controlled in accordance with the most modern quality standards, starting with the selection of the components produced, in order to make sure that the consumer will receive an effective intimate product of the highest quality. Especially in terms of security, INVERMA products meet the highest standards. All products, of course, passed dermatological tests with a rating of 'very good' and tested for decades.