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JOYDIVISION international AG was founded in Germany in 1994, it stands out as a manufacturer of high-quality sensual erotic lifestyle products.

JOYDIVISION stands for a carefree approach to the topic of sexuality. The passion is to develop and manufacture high-quality products that perfectly fit the needs of consumers. At the same time, the company is important corporate culture, characterized by innovation. For example, JOYDIVISION at an early stage recognized new trends in lifestyle and ecology and accordingly expanded its product range.

JOYDIVISION always focuses on people and their health promotion. For this reason, our products are dermatologically and clinically tested. Continuous quality control, even during production, is self-evident.

JOYDIVISION's extensive product range includes more than 250 sensual-erotic premium products that are successfully sold in more than 60 countries around the world. In addition to lubricants, our range includes hygiene supplies, massage products and sex products. JOYDIVISION attaches great importance to the high quality and production in Germany of all its products.

As an inventor, JOYDIVISION has made a name for itself with these innovations:

• The first in the world 100% natural and the only lubricant that does not contain CO 2 (BIOglide)
• The most popular brand of lubricants in Europe (AQUAglide)
• Leading the global market for stringless tampons (Soft-Tampons)
• Germany's leadership in sex drugs (PENISEX, CLITORISEX, EROpharm)
• The safest disinfecting spray for love toys in the world - even protects against HIV (clean'n´safe)

JOYDIVISION attaches great importance to the personal interest of its employees, which ultimately benefits both business partners and consumers. The JOYDIVISION team is simply enjoying the experience of how aesthetically pleasing and tastefully designed products can bring pleasure to previously indecisive target groups. Our mission is to help people experience more sensuality and joy. We want to encourage people to playfully communicate with their body and the body of their partners.

JOYDIVISION has always attached great importance to social and environmental obligations. Since 1995, JOYDIVISION is the official supporting member of AIDSHILFE UNICEF and TERRE DES HOMMES and is involved in the creation of jobs and training places.

The secret of the tremendous success of JOYDIVISION is innovative, high-quality products perfectly adapted to the needs of consumers, constant innovation and our unlimited commitment. All these measures, together with good value for money, form the basis for high customer satisfaction.