According to Khmelnitsky:

Courier in the city
Delivery is carried out by courier from the Emmanuel shop (Khmelnitsky, 11m Zarechanskaya St. (Naberezhny quarter) within a few hours after registration or the next day. To do this, simply specify in the comments the desired delivery time. Orders are accepted until 21.00
Taxi services
Delivery is carried out by taxi services of the city of Khmelnitsky. We ship the goods in an opaque package and not from our store, but from another address, so that the taxi driver will not know where the goods come from and what he is transmitting.

When ordering in the amount of 2000 hryvnia delivery is free.
Express Mail
Delivery is possible in all cities where there are offices of the company 'New Mail'. Parcel you can pick up in the offices of these companies from Mon to Sat.
The cost of this type of delivery depends on the tariffs of courier services. The package comes in an opaque package without indicating its contents. A private person is indicated as the sender - the full name of our SPD.

Payment can be made in the following ways:
- to the private bank card
- in the mail after receiving it. (+%)

When ordering in the amount of 2000 hryvnia delivery is free. Go

We guarantee the confidentiality of all data transmitted to us at the time of the order. You get the product in an opaque package. With any option of payment and delivery, all the data provided, as well as the nature of the goods will not be disclosed in any way. Even when we call and arrange delivery by phone, we simply say that you are worried about the online order. Private person is indicated as the sender.

Telephone for consultation: +38 068 311 42 60