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We-Vibe (Canada)

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We-Vibe was created by Standard Innovation, a Canadian company founded by a married couple, Bruce and Melody Murison. Bruce Murison previously worked in the semiconductor and manufacturing industries.

Both were former employees of the telecommunications company Nortel, which went bankrupt. They launched Standard Innovation in 2003, but did not publish information about what the company was working on until the launch of the first product in 2008. The company released the first vibrator for a pair of We-Vibe, a small U or C-shaped. A device designed to be worn by a woman during sex and above the pubic bone, with one end inserted vaginally and the other end resting against the clitoris. Soon after, the company received the approval of Sue Johanson, a Canadian sex educator, and Mehmet Oz, a surgeon and talk show host for The Dr. Oz Show.

In 2009, We-Vibe was recognized as the best-selling toy at the Venus Award in Berlin, Germany. Since its release, the brand has gained considerable popularity and sales. Adult toy experts believe this could be related to the brand’s consumer marketing strategy, product design, and discrete packaging. The product has also gained popularity among celebrities. Several times, We-Vibe products have been added to Oscar bags awarded to Academy award winners. At the 2012 Super Bowl in Miami, We-Vibe products were presented to famous guests.

Standard Innovation used legal means to protect its intellectual property. In early 2012, the company filed a complaint with the United States Commission on International Trade (USITC) against LELO and others regarding a violation of the Standard Innovation patent for adult toys designed to be worn when the couple is having sex. Both companies settled patent litigation in 2016.

In 2014, We-Vibe released a new version of the vibrator for We-Vibe 4 Plus pairs. In addition to the remote control, which was part of previous models, this version used a vibrator with Bluetooth support and functions to connect to a mobile application. For the first time, company products can be controlled by a partner over long distances and from anywhere in the world where a user can access a smartphone connected to the Internet. In January 2015, We-Vibe 4 Plus was awarded the Best Sex Toy for Couples at the Sexual Health Expo in Los Angeles.